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Skittlechan Staff - Guidelines

The webpage that includes everything about being staff in Skittlechan's server. If you're here to apply for staff click the button below. If you're here to learn more about what to do as staff then click one of the buttons at the top.

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Staff Guidelines

• To moderate the server, it requires you to have 2fa enabled.
• What is 2fa? having 2fa enabled allows you to secure your account and to access to your full permissions as a staff member, such as checking logs, deleting messages.
• If you do not know how to enable 2fa, make sure to check this :

Our main moderation bot is Dyno and the prefix of the bot is " ? " .

Verbal warnings:
• Staff can use verbal warnings when someone is close to breaking a rule but not quite fit for a bot warning. an example of verbal warning:
@Oreo ™ refrain from using bot commands in general.

Bot warnings:
• These are the first level of punishments; These are used to let the member know that their behavior is unacceptable and should they should stop. They are usually used when someone ignores 2 verbal warnings.

• These are the second level of punishments; The action of muting should be taken when the member continues to break a rule after one or two bot warnings. The default time of a mute is 10 minutes but the duration can vary: 10m -> 30min -> 2h -> 6h. The duration is dependent on the severity.

Kicks/Temp bans
• These are the third level of punishments; These are used when the member, even after a long mute continues ignoring the rules in a short amount of time. The temp ban should last 2-4 days, basically when the member understands that their behavior is completely unacceptable.

• Bans are the last level of punishments; They should be taken if a member comes in and start trolling or being nsfw/racist/homophobic/excessively toxic. If someone advertises in your DMs or is underaged (we do follow the Discord TOS) , you are allowed to immediately ban them from the server (make sure to provide proof) .

More information about the punishments

Permanent Mute
• A member comes in and starts trolling; You can smell a troll from miles away.
• A member has an inappropriate profile picture/username and is calling attention to it (Nsfw/Slur)
• A member who has said a slur/posted NSFW in the server

• Advertising in DMs/chat
• Members who are under the age of 13 (underaged)
• Members who troll/racism/homophobia (does not include comments)
• Members who leak personal info

Verbal warn & then Bot warn
• Channel misuse, verbal warn -> bot warn if continued - for example bot commands in #general: (direct warn if spammed)
• Small spam (smashing keyboard - slow spam), verbal warn -> warn/mute (30 mins), depends on the severity
• Talking in another language - same as the above

Please make sure to treat everyone the same way, we do not allow bias. Having 2 or 3 strikes will result into a demotion, inactivity for longer than 3 days will result into a verbal warning (we will ask you what’s happening) and if you do not give an answer within 2 days you will get demoted. Use common sense everyone.


Giving rejoining members levels
• If a member leaves the server and rejoins back, dont give them back 100% of their levels back
• Instead give them back 75% of the levels they had before leaving
newLevel = (currentLevel / 100) * 75
• You can use the command /xp set level to set the new level for a member