1. A member started spamming

• Delete the messages, and ask the user to stop.

• If the user doesn't stop, mute the user for 5 minutes.

2. A member has hinted the n word

• Ban/Perma mute them immediately

3. A member keeps spamming reactions on messages

• First, verbally warn them

• If the member continues, you can bot warn them

• If they still continue, you can ?mute them

5. A member is sending random inappropriate words/emojis

• Delete the message, verbally warn them

• If they continue, bot warn them

6. A member is creating troll/useless tickets.

• Click the mute user button

• If they repeat, click the block user button

7. A member has posted something that doesn't belong in #︱📸media or #╰🎨art

• Delete the message

• If its NSFW, bot warn them

8. A member is pinging someone to annoy them

• First, verbal the member

• If they ignore the warning, bot warn them

• If they still continue, mute them for 10 minutes

9. A user has reported another member who is spamming the user/harassing them in DMs

• Tell the user to block the member

10. A member is directly insulting another member by using swears

• First, verbally warn the member who is insulting

• If the member continues, bot warn them

• If they still continue, mute them for 5m

11. Some members are raiding the chat

• Use ?ban noappeal @user [reason] to ban all the raiders (avoid locking the chats if possible)

12. A member is being racist/homophobic

• Use ?mute @user 3h [reason] to mute the member for 3 hours